About Us

To us, it’s more than just work.

Founded in 1961 by Tony Wood and Kip Grieve, WGE has grown to become a major national firm with over 500 staff. With offices in Albany, Brisbane, Busselton, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, WGE now provides a broad range of engineering services to a wide variety of building, land development and infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

The benefits to our clients of over 56 years of experience include:

  • Learning from history: We have learned the hard lessons that tough times teach and successfully apply this knowledge the drive WGE forward
  • Establishing a unique ownership structure: People in the business own the business, ensuring long-standing, highly committed employees always willing to go the extra mile
  • Creating a pro-active project engineer system: Makes one senior engineer accountable for sourcing and delivering every project, our clients always have a senior point of contact on their job
  • Long-standing beneficial relationships: We know our clients’ issues, their risks on projects and work together to find solutions
  • Recruiting and retaining the best staff: A focus on people enables us to ensure our clients are getting the very best technical minds in the market
  • Forward looking: Longevity is created by adaptability and we have a strong focus on identifying and developing new services and expanding into new markets, all to service our clients’ needs

We have been dedicated to maintaining a unique employee culture that empowers our teams to deliver highly personalised, commercially viable and robust engineering solutions. It is this unique culture that drives our teams to go the extra mile and has seen WGE achieve:

  • “Aon Best Employer” a record seven consecutive times, and eight in total: 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. WGE was the first engineering firm to receive accreditation status, and holds the longest accreditation streak out of any Australian organisations
  • A triple win at the 2015 Financial Review Client Choice Awards and winner of ‘Best Provider to Property’ at the 2016 awards
  • 2016 Financial Review Client Choice Award winner ‘Best Provider to Property’
  • Becoming the first ever ‘Recognised provider’ for the Green Building Council of Australia in 2015

The benefits to our clients of these major achievements:

  • Dedicated happy staff: Our teams genuinely love what they do and this translates into excellent client service
  • Third-party recognition: We don’t just say we deliver great client service, our client feedback reflects our commitment and dedication to excellent service
  • Forward thinking: Driving change in the property industry with ‘firsts’ ensures we can offer our clients the most forward thinking solutions

We believe in a collaborative approach to business and we’re passionate about sharing our culture secrets with our clients and partners so that together we can create a more cooperative and enjoyable industry for all.