Vertical Transportation

Getting people from A to Z

Transporting people from floor to floor smoothly and efficiently requires innovative thinking from an innovative engineering team. That’s why you’ll want to consider the WGE Vertical Transportation (VT) team for your next project.

Whether it’s a lift or an escalator at a school, retail precinct, commercial building or a hospital, there’s nothing our specialist VT team hasn’t tackled. Our VT engineers are highly specialised and have worked on projects such as Fiona Stanley Hospital ($2bn), The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) ($1bn), The District Courts Building in Perth and Melbourne’s Upper Westside Apartment Project ($1bn).

Complex design jobs like the VCCC (a combined health and research facility) require a deep understanding of personnel needs, traffic patterns, emergency modes of operation and security and access control systems and so much more. We take our work seriously because we know that transportation systems are vital and must be functional and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Five reasons to choose WGE Vertical Transportation

  • We consider every angle. Working closely with your architect and ‘way finding’ consultants, we study the traffic patterns and flow of the building, signage and emergency exit requirements and every detail in between. We consider every option and every potential direction, on every project.
  • We really do care. As simple as it sounds, we take a deep interest in our client’s projects. We get to know you well and understand your needs so we can do our job well and deliver the best results.
  • We’re here for the long haul. Our unique Project Engineer (PE) structure means that you get senior PE’s on the job, many of whom are long-term employees and shareholders of the company. This means that we stick around from the beginning and long after the job’s finished.
  • We’re state of the art. At WGE we continuously review new technology and how it can be applied to your projects. This includes leading edge VT technology such as destination control systems to twin lifts, double-decker lifts and regenerative energy lifts.
  • It’s more than just lifts. While lifts are vital to the smooth functioning of a building they must also integrate with all other aspects of the building. That’s why WGE has a large and experienced team of engineers working across all engineering disciplines to work on your project. There’s only one engineering company that you really need.

Our advice to clients

While lift engineering might seem simple, it really requires a deep consultative approach across many disciplines and all project consultants. It’s about making the building work and manage the people flow. Without great VT design, a whole building can become dysfunctional, so it’s worth finding the best people for the project.

Anthony Lukatelich, Vertical Transportation Section Manager

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