If you can’t afford downtime, you can rely on us

Modern business relies on the ability to reliably retrieve, store, aggregate and disseminate data to service customers and make solid strategic, forward-thinking decisions. It’s the engineering behind this technology that keeps the wheels of industry turning. That’s why WGE have put together a team of experts specialising in technology.

Our people are skilled in the design of technology-driven buildings like data centres, plus all technology aspects of projects such as wireless networks in buildings, building management systems, web based interfaces and energy performance management.

The technology industry brings with it a huge demand for power. Our people are experienced with the design of renewable energy systems, large commercial solar farms, co-generation and tri-generation systems.

We’re experienced in large-scale projects such as the Canberra Data Centres, Fyshwick Data Centre, the BankWest’s Data Centre facilities, and the largest private solar farm in Australia – the Uterne Solar Farm in Alice Springs.

Our people have broad experience and are qualified in a range of engineering disciplines from mechanical to electrical and hydraulics. When it comes to your technology project, there really isn’t much they don’t know or can’t do.

If you can’t afford downtime, you can’t afford not to be with WGE.

Five reasons to choose WGE Technology

  • We know the standards. Our work requires deep technical knowledge. We know the correct standards and follow the best practice applied to many of the world’s largest technology projects.
  • We’re reliable and responsive. We understand that you can’t afford downtime and that reliability and dependability are vital when it comes to technology. The WGE team get this and are responsive at all times, during and way after the project has ended.
  • We’re specialists. Our team is dedicated and focused on this sector. We’ve worked on many technology projects and have a real understanding of the requirements of our clients.
  • We’re experienced in all jobs, big or small. We are extremely diversified and are able to tackle any technology job ranging from extremely intricate to some of the biggest technology projects across Australia. We understand government and local authority regulations, environmental factors and the real impact your project will have on all stakeholders.
  • We stick around.  Our unique Project Engineer structure means that the team that starts the job finishes the job. As our people are long-term employees, and in many cases shareholders of the company, they stick with you for the long haul.

Our advice to clients

Consider how many hours of downtime you can afford – then build your facility to suit. Engineer-out the risk of equipment failure and prepare for the worst, such as power failures, earthquakes and floods. Then when the time comes you’ll rest easy knowing your business won’t be affected.

Elliot Alfirevich, Electrical Project Engineer, Principal

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