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We put your audience in the box seat

We’re a nation that loves our downtime. If we’re not at home entertaining family and friends, we’re out entertaining ourselves watching our favourite football team or visiting the latest art exhibition. Entertainment is what Australians do well and it’s what WGE love to do.

Our experienced and widely qualified engineers are experts at building entertainment facilities – sports stadiums, recital halls, theatres, art galleries, concert halls, town halls, convention centres and libraries. Our focus is on the “fan first” experience in every venue that we work on. Using the latest technology and green initiatives has allowed us to be proudly involved with some of Australia’s greatest venues such as Hobart’s Blundstone Arena, Sydney’s Blue Mountain Cultural Centre and Perth’s nib Stadium and the iconic Fremantle Maritime Museum.

Our role as engineers is to design fully compliant services that always contribute to the overall experience of every user. We understand that the building is only a small part of the experience and that in reality it must enhance but not interfere with the performance, the art or the game as the entertainment itself is what matters the most.

Five reasons to choose WGE Sports, Culture & the Arts team

  1. We put safety first. Every entertainment venue has one thing in common – the need for large groups of people to be able to come and go efficiently and effortlessly. When designing your venue, we take into consideration all users from the actors to the sporting team, to corporate clients, to your staff and general members of the audience. The safety and security of people is at the heart of our work.
  2. We’re passionate about the experience. People pay good money to be entertained. Not only do they expect a great performance, they also expect great visibility, perfect sound and efficient access to and from all facilities. Our work always starts with a deep understanding of the experience you wish to provide and we work back from there.
  3. We design for flexibility.  We’re experienced, multi-disciplined engineers who understand that you want maximum flexibility of use. For example, your stadium must adapt to soccer one week, Australian Rules in winter, cricket in summer and even concerts in between. Our designs are developed to maximize opportunity and return on investment.
  4. We have solid relationships. Our long history of working in the sports, arts and culture arena means that we have strong relationships with developers, architects, venue operators and the relevant authorities. Our reputation is strong and our people are well respected and connected.
  5. We’re with you the whole way. Our unique Project Engineer structure means that your hand selected engineering team are with you from beginning to end of the project and for any future engineering needs.

Our advice to clients

Understanding the requirements of stakeholders is the key to the success of every project.  For Sports, Culture & the Arts type projects it is imperative to talk to the very people that create the entertainment including fan representatives, players, performers, artists, staff and venue managers.  The outcomes of the interactive and innovative thinking will give your whole development team a fresh perspective to deliver a truly world class entertainment venue that we all will be proud of.

Rowan Stokes, Structural Section Manager, Director

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