It’s more than just a building. It’s a place for living

Places to go, things to do, people to see. The modern lifestyle is a busy one indeed. That’s why, at the end of the day, people and families seek a sanctuary in their home. And that’s why residential developers choose WGE Residential as their engineering team.

We understand how vital a beautiful home is, whether it’s an apartment in a high-rise building or an architecturally designed home. Our expert team have worked on many of the country’s most outstanding residential developments such as Melbourne’s Upper West Side and The Quays developments as well as Sydney’s Australian Towers II.

We know that the results can be devastating if you get it wrong. The whole project can be compromised if you don’t get the right team on the job from day one. That’s why at WGE we are part of your team right upfront and why we take a holistic, commercial and well-rounded approach with all your stakeholders.

We roll our sleeves up from the start.

Five reasons to choose WGE Residential

  • We’re great at the complexities. We understand the special needs of residential projects including efficient floor plate design to maximise yield, the importance of essential facilities using minimal space and how the building will be configured and serviced and so much more.
  • We’re strategic and commercial. It’s not enough to just understand your engineering needs. We look at every project with a commercial lens. Residential projects have a unique funding and settlement cycle and there is often a need for haste in delivery while maintaining quality to maximize returns. We get that you want to provide the optimal living experience for your tenants and owners while ensuring commercial viability is the driver.
  • We’re collaborative and approachable. Building strong relationships with every stakeholder on projects including builders, sub-contractors, local authorities, town planners and developers is what we do well. We are a team who simply care and people enjoy working with us.
  • We build in ‘buildability’ from the start. We get down to work immediately by working with your team to advise and develop engineering designs so you can lock away building approvals. It’s never too early to work with us and it really does save money in the long-term.
  • We are driven by expertise, performance and client satisfaction. It is what keeps our clients coming back. We are known for our holistic yet intricate approach to every project and we don’t just take the easy option, ever.

Our advice to clients

Go for a sense of quality and ‘buildability’ that allows you to unlock significant value in the project. It needs to be different and innovative, yet still efficient to build.  Look for engineers that know the process and are prepared to push the performance barriers to unlock the return on investment and minimize the risk on the project.

Grant Holman, Melbourne Office Manager, Director

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