Property Asset Management

Practical and commercial advice on every project

There are plenty of engineering consultants out there willing to give advice. But how do you know if it’s the right advice or even the best advice? You look for a team with a great track record and who are highly recommended like the WGE Property Asset Management team.

We’ve worked across all sectors and industries from commercial to industrial and hospitality to sports and culture. Our projects have included the development of a 25-year life cycle plan for Etihad stadium, the setting of the Building Design Standards for Australia Post and a complete technical review for Charter Hall (28 buildings in total).

Our team works closely with the sustainability team to cover everything from building inspections, energy audits, feasibility studies, NABERs and Green Star ratings and reviews, as well as building life cycle plans. If you’re about to build, selling an existing building, considering buying one or simply need to ensure that your sinking fund will cover all future upgrades, we’re the team to call for help.

Five reasons to choose WGE Property Asset Management

  • We’re commercially focused. We understand that clients are not especially interested in the detail of engineering, that’s why we focus on your commercial reality in terms of time and money.
  • We deliver in short time frames. Deadlines are important to you and if we don’t meet them, the deal might not happen. Between two and four weeks is all it takes for us to deliver a deep and comprehensive report so that you can run it through your financial models and do the risk analysis.
  • We’re experienced senior people. When you work with us, you get access to our collective expertise from over 400 professionals in all sectors and disciplines.
  • Our process is sound. We have a well-developed and tested methodology and reporting format to meet the needs of every client. It’s not just an engineering report, it’s an extremely valuable and highly personalised commercial viability report that withstands the utmost scrutiny.
  • We’re reputable and respected. We do a lot of work for various government departments including the Department of Resources in Canberra. We’re on the advisory board for the Office of Environment & Heritage in NSW and on the expert panel for the Sustainable Melbourne Fund amongst many other things. We take our work seriously.

Our advice to clients

Look closely at all documentation. When doing building inspections, question everything and make sure you get to see as much of the building as possible including all the back of house areas like plant rooms, equipment areas – the parts of the building most people don’t get to see.

Ian Gardner, Property Asset Management & Sustainability Section Manager, Principal

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