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Buildings are complex structures requiring the skills of many engineering disciplines. Yet there’s one discipline that’s vital to keeping the whole building operational and the people in that building healthy – hydraulics.

At WGE we understand there is more to hydraulics than pumps and pipework. At our core, we’re responsible for keeping people healthy by providing the most hygienic and sanitary water supply and waste solutions.

We have one of the largest bases of hydraulics consultants in Australia and are at the forefront of new innovation and leading edge technology. We have worked on many interesting projects including The Quays in Dockland, Victoria, the impressive new nib Stadium in Perth and Sydney’s Australia Towers II residential development.

Our strength is our knowledge, and from knowledge comes sound and reliable advice.

Five reasons to choose WGE Hydraulics

  • We’re active in the industry. Our managers are leaders in their field and actively represented on standards committees, the Association of Hydraulics Consultants Australia (AHSCA), National Training and Education committees and have published articles in Australian trade journals. We’re also abreast of international standards as members of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers.
  • We have deep knowledge. Our balance of degree qualified professional engineers along with staff with numerous years’ operating in various plumbing fields coupled with our multi-disciplined approach and our strong Revit capabilities means that we have every expertise required to deliver on your project.
  • Our team is large and diverse. This means that as a client, you have access to the best resources, biggest networks and most up-to-date knowledge.
  • We’re a valuable asset.  Through the delivery of a multitude of projects in both architectural and contracting environments our team has a proven track record of delivering value. The power of employing the best engineer for your project can often produce project savings in terms of construction and tendering.
  • We work differently. Our unique Project Engineer (PE) structure means that the PE that wins the job stays on the job as do the whole team appointed to your project. We’re with you all the way from the first meeting to way after the project has been completed. We stand by our work.

Our advice to clients

Always ensure your consultant discusses and considers the long-term benefits of a bespoke sustainable system they are designing. Don’t undervalue the importance of specifying quality material, as a short term view on savings often leads to a long term legacy of problems and inefficient operations.

David Steblina, Hydraulics Section Manager, Principal

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