Experienced engineers for the perfect experience

Behind the finer things in life, there’s a fine engineering company like WGE. Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful facilities of a five star hotel or an exquisite meal at your favourite restaurant, chances are one of our engineers behind is it all.  While we’re invisible, we’re integral to your enjoyment.

Our hospitality team has worked on projects that range from award winning resorts like Freycinet Sapphire Resort in Tasmania to the refinement of the Qantas Lounges around the country.  No hospitality job is too big or too boutique.

When it comes to hospitality, we don’t just think about your needs. We think deeply about what you’re offering the market and the real needs of your guests. We understand they have the highest expectations of their experience. They expect attention to detail, exquisite design, top quality finishes and seamless service from start to finish. That’s what you can expect from WGE.

 Five reasons to choose WGE Hospitality

  • We know what works. We’ve been designing Australia’s finest venues and resorts since we first opened our doors over 50 years ago. We understand the importance of getting the design right up front so you’ll be 100% comfortable with the final finish.
  • We are versatile. Our hospitality team’s ability to work across all disciplines from vertical transportation to fire protection creates an end-to-end service on the project.  It is what sets them apart from others.
  • We’re abreast of the best. Creative design is what really excites us, whether its specialist lighting or state of the art escalators.  We design like architects with an engineer’s mind.
  • We relate and we educate. During the design process we work closely with all stakeholders. We impart knowledge and we ask questions, to be sure that everyone is across the project and the expected outcomes. We know the questions to ask so there’ll be no surprises with a WGE team.
  • We plan for every event. Behind our creativity is a deep understanding that facilities such as electricity and water must be uninterruptable. We consider every contingency on every job and leave nothing to chance. You’ll be glad you appointed WGE.

Our advice to clients

Be really detailed and clear down to the finest detail about the experience you want to provide your guests and clients. Begin at the end to ensure your engineer gets it right from the start.

Brett Davis, Perth Office Manager, Director

News & Articles

News June 19, 2017

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Bushmead Estate recognised by the UDIA

Bushmead by Cedar Woods has received a prestigious six-leaf certification under the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) highly regarded EnviroDevelopment program.

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