Always commercial and always practical

Outstanding commercial buildings require an outstanding design and construction team to make your vision a reality. That’s why many of Australia’s developers work with the WGE commercial engineering team on their projects.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the design of CBD inner-city developments and large scale multi-story office buildings such as Brisbane’s Energex Building, Sydney’s Jessie Street Centre and Perth’s Treasury Building.

There are many technical and logistical challenges to address in the commercial engineering environment. Inner-city sites typically present significant logistical and accessibility constraints (limited lane closures, high-traffic zone, crane-lifting constraints and vehicle access). This is exasperated by constricted site footprints, existing adjoining buildings and limited access.  The financial viability of commercial projects hinges on the floor plate efficiency and maximization of Net Lettable Area (NLA). This means robust engineering solutions are required to ensure that our design takes into consideration these site-specific issues and the financial challenges of commercial developments.

Robust and commercially viable engineering solutions are what we do best.

Five reasons to choose WGE Commercial

  • We adopt a thorough and comprehensive approach. We understand that accurate detailed spatial planning is required very early on in the project.
  • We’re commercially astute. We treat our client’s money as our own and are mindful of initial cost and long term cost of ownership drivers as we develop design solutions. This helps us design with a technical yet commercial mindset to meet your expectations every time.
  • We’re highly personalised. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our designs. We take each project at face value and consider every single site specific and project specific detail and requirement such as inter-floor connectivity and future flexibility for changing tenancy requirements. We’re all about future-proofing your building to ensure ongoing commercial viability.
  • We’re award winning.  Many of our commercial projects often win awards from a number of the industry’s leading bodies.  One of the most recent was Fairlanes Perth that won the UDIA 2012 Awards for Excellence – High Density Development Award.
  • We’re solid and experienced. Since 1961 we’ve been serving the private and public sector with commercial engineering services. Our multi-disciplined approach and unique project engineer structure means that WGE is with you all the way on all your projects.

Our advice to clients

Architects should address spatial planning as early as possible in collaboration with the engineering team to ensure that all floor-plate layout structural options are investigated during concept design. This will help ensure that NLA is maximised, tenancy flexibility is maximised and the opportunity to capitalize on structural and building services efficiencies at an early stage is realised. Also engaging your engineers early will aid you in the early identification of site-specific constraints which may impact on the feasibility or cost-efficiency of the project.  These constraints could include ground conditions, historic use of the site, infrastructure and effect of adjoining and nearby properties. Their advice will be invaluable before you start designing and will actually save you money in the long run.

Eric Le Meur, Structural Project Engineer, Principal

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