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Noise in a building can seriously affect the interactions within and around that space. At work, noise can affect our productivity. At play, noise can affect our ability to unwind, rest and relax. At WGE Acoustics, noise is what we know best.

Noise is a highly subjective thing. What is pleasant to one person may be barely acceptable to another. That’s why we apply objectivity, mathematics and physics to an age-old subjective problem to ensure the optimal comfort of everyone. We help you plan for all noise factor risks and comply with the standards whether you’re building a residential block of apartments, establishing railway infrastructure or building a performing arts venue.

Our accomplished team of acoustics specialists understand all areas of design and has substantial experience in a wide range of disciplines. They have delivered on some great projects including the Gold Coast’s Aquatic Centre, Perth’s Wellington Bus Station and Hobart’s Blundstone Arena.

Practical, functional and commercially realistic advice is what you get from the Acoustics team at WGE. We know noise inside and out.

Five reasons to choose WGE Acoustics

  • We’re highly technical yet highly commercial. We understand what makes noise and what can be done to drastically reduce it. We apply mathematics and physics in a practical and user-friendly way using calculation tools and tried and true systems while looking for new systems and ways to treat the same but different noise issues. At the same time we also understand that noise directly impacts the financial return on your project. Our team knows how to maximize that return to ensure the outcome is highly commercially viable.
  • We’re at the top of our game. Our ongoing professional development program and staff Quality Assurance process instils in each employee the requirement to be active in the acoustic community. Some of our staff are currently (or have been) presidents or leaders of various global acoustic societies and many are asked to present at world-wide conferences. We also have input into the local acoustic fraternity on a regular basis. You get the best advice from a team committed to being the best.
  • Our project experience is wide and deep. We’re all acoustic engineers with a wide spread of the inner acoustics disciplines. We’ve worked on a whole range of projects from the big picture down to the smallest detail. These projects have included performing arts centres, cinema complexes, sports venues and stadiums to mining, rail and roadway projects. As acoustics is not smoke and mirrors but based on mathematics and physics there is no acoustics project that we can’t apply those systems and our training to.
  • We have the years behind us. Our team has collectively more than 75 years of experience working on projects both locally and internationally which means we’re familiar with the historical and most up-to-date technical advancements happening in countries and on projects that are leading the acoustics race. You get the best and the latest, along with the practical, with the WGE acoustics team.
  • We’re good at circumventing issues. Chances are we’ve already dealt with your particular acoustic problem on a previous project, which means we know how to resolve your problem efficiently and effectively drawing on our experience. This means you get maximum value and the best outcome, every time.

Our advice to clients

Our advice to our clients is twofold. Firstly, bring in the right acoustics team who understand that acoustics is based on mathematics and physics and can explain the solutions in very simple terms. Secondly, engage the team early, at the same time as you would engage your architect. Include them in the early design as they can really make a difference to the overall result of the project.

Olivier Gaussen, Acoustics Section Manager, Principal

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