Tower 4 Building

Tower 4 is an integral part of the Peninsula residential complex at Burswood, Perth, and is at the cutting edge of modern apartment living.  This 22 level construction with basement parking, residential levels and plantrooms gives residents uninterrupted views across the city and the Swan River, whilst creating an intimate lifestyle environment.

Planned within a very constrained development envelope and on a geotechnically challenging site, this project provided many opportunities for innovative design and strong teamwork within the WGE project design team.

For example, the depth for excavations below basement level was significantly restricted in order to avoid penetrating the underlying protective membrane isolated contaminated soil. WGE worked with the supply authority and developed a particular solution for the power supply substation that was necessary for the tower.

In addition to the traditional services offering, the vertical transportation solution for the building was particularly important to the success of the project. WGE recognised that to achieve cost efficient designs and floor plate efficiency the number of lifts had to provide maximum benefit, yet be minimal in number.  The team carried out detailed computer based simulation modelling of the lift services based on the building occupant movements. The final adopted solution achieved the client expectations for the lift services.

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