Masters Stores

The Woolworths & Lowes (USA) joint venture into the hardware retail industry was a bold and calculated move. The strategy was to provide hardware stores across the country, which offered a different experience to the conventional “shed” experience. The roll-out strategy was to provide hardware stores which were different to the competition in terms of store comfort (conditioned), aesthetics and user friendliness, being inviting to both men and women and offering a broader range of products beyond just hardware.

WGE were approached in the early stages of the state roll-outs and subsequently commissioned to provide civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and sustainability services for various stores. A significant amount of research & development effort was initially invested in order to thoroughly investigate options with a focus on economy, constructability, durability and store flexibility.

The stores are typically procured under a design & construct model which creates competition and places the onus on the engineers to drive economy in the solutions proposed. WGE have done this successfully over many projects and the experiences consolidate the team’s skills in the industrial/retail sectors.