Latitude 32

The Flinders Precinct is the first stage of the expansive Latitude 32 industrial redevelopment project, designed to deliver industrial land to a hungry market while at the same time rationalising a planning patchwork of mixed land uses into a cohesive economic cornerstone of the southern industrial corridor.

The problem for traditional developers in the industrial market is the tremendous variability in final product demanded by a diverse end user, ranging from small warehouse lots to expansive hardstands, factories and office buildings.

The WGE solution:

  • Working closely with the client, Landcorp, WGE developed and negotiated a unique delivery process to allow final lot layouts, sizes and levels to be determined as part of the sales process in collaboration with the prospective purchaser.
  • The key throughout the engineering design and delivery process was flexibility, allowing the client to fulfil the project objective of providing industrial lots in a sought after location to meet diverse and challenging customer needs not being met by other developers.
  • Earthworks, power and civil works were staged to provide for a flexible program of sales and customised earthworks were designed and constructed on a lot by lot basis for the large customers.
  • Support was provided to allow early access to customers ahead of clearances and titles to allow construction on site to commence without unnecessary delay.

As a result, the precinct was able to attract and retain customers who would not have been suited to a traditional industrial lot and may have been forced to look further out in less favourable locations.

Specialist solar LED roadway lighting was delivered to the Flinders precinct with 10.5mtr aluminium poles installed with double outreach luminaires to produce a more uniform, environmentally friendly lighting application providing the users with a greater sense of security utilising the space.  The Flinders project was one of the first wholly solar lit public roadway projects in the Perth metropolitan area.

Where to next? Most of the Flinders Precinct is now under contract and WGE along with the developer and wider consultant team are casting their eyes on the future challenge of structure planning the remaining project area to facilitate and encourage private development.

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