Curtin University – School of Business and Physiotherapy

Curtin University in Bentley is one of the leading universities in Western Australia.  In addition to the Bentley campus the university also has several regional and international campuses.

The Curtin University School of Physiotherapy and the School of Business have established a highly renowned reputation for the quality of their graduates and their research work.

The new building was specifically designed to suit the needs of these two faculties and provides excellent facilities for teaching and research.

The building is a prominent feature on the campus showcasing large coloured concrete panels which incorporate intricate artistic designs.

The facility incorporates laboratories, lecture theatres, classrooms, seminar rooms, administration areas and also a cafeteria and workshop.

The WGE team were responsible for the electrical and vertical transportation services.  The project incorporated an energy efficient lighting design utilising efficient luminaires throughout and automated lighting controls.  The project also included modifications and additions to the existing high voltage distribution system and the lighting for a new external car park.

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