Chevron Wheatstone

The Chevron Wheatstone project is expected to require a workforce of approximately 560 personnel when fully developed into a 25 mtpa LNG Plant. This workforce is expected to be both a mixture of permanent residents combined with a significant fly-in fly-out (FIFO) population accommodated in the FIFO Operations Village (FOV).

WGE have worked directly with Chevron to produce the basis of design documentation which describes the detailed technical requirements of the project for tender to design and construction contractors.

Working closely with Chevron’s Information Technology and Telecommunications team, WGE have developed the basis of design for a site-wide management and monitoring system for the FOV.  Once operational, this system will provide Chevron with clear visibility of their on-site facilities remotely from their head offices in Perth and Houston.

This system is intended to provide 24/7 web-based  monitoring and control of the critical on-site plant including water treatment and power generation, through to ancillary systems like the swimming pools and cool rooms. The entire aforementioned elements are considered necessary for providing quality accommodation for Chevron’s workers.

Housed in the on-site data centre, and combined with secure cloud-based off-site data storage, this system of virtualised servers is intended to communicate with all on-site building services infrastructure to record valuable operational data for use in the generation of alarms, performance trending and customisable reporting including the generation of maintenance contractor KPIs.