Bankwest Data Centres

WGE, through their experience in highly technical engineering projects, have assisted Bankwest for the past 5 years to maintain and progressively upgrade their data centre sites.

Data centres pose a unique set of engineering challenges, where a detailed understanding of industry best-practice design principles is critical to ensure the ongoing reliability and concurrent maintainability. Considering the example of a bank, all transactional data is completed and stored by computers in data centres where even momentary downtime can have catastrophic consequences for investments and poor customer experience.

WGE are experienced at working in high-risk operational data centres and can assist clients in understanding the risks and benefits in undertaking significant maintenance and remediation works at live sites.

One such success was the live replacement of the entire Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) infrastructure at Bankwest’s primary operational data centre, with temporary works to ensure no shutdown of power within the operational data centre environment. Such a project necessitated detailed mitigation of operational IT risks, and thorough coordination with supply authorities to ensure reliability of power during equipment changeover windows.

WGE have subsequently conducted similar projects with other large data centre clients, and can assist in developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans for engineering services.

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