Building the future piece by piece

The modern construction industry requires modern construction approaches and WGE’s modular construction team is leading the way. WGE have been involved in the burgeoning modular construction industry since 2010 and have delivered several projects in this growing market.

WGE’s specialist experience and knowledge in modularising all aspects of building construction are an invaluable resource for clients when looking to reduce construction programs and cost whilst still maintaining safety and quality.

Why WGE? We know the modular construction space. Our modular team has dedicated time and resources to learning lessons associated with modular construction. We understand the complexities around how to deliver a project that has been manufactured in one jurisdiction and constructed/assembled in another. We understand how to gain authority approvals and consents and how to communicate the connection and assembly details.
Basically we know how to ensure that your modular construction project can be delivered with speed and ease.

WGE have vital experience in dealing with modular construction projects constructed in Australia, China and Thailand and are always looking to assist and guide clients to make informed decisions about the best and most up to date approaches to modular construction.

WGE maintain a heavy involvement in the modular construction industry and are a proud member of the Prefab Aus initiative as well as being involved in the Modular Construction Codes Board. So when picking your engineering consultant team for your next modular project rest assured that with WGE you will have a premier modular design team at your disposal.

Our advice to clients

Modular construction is a fast paced environment that is continuously evolving and changing and it is easy to get stuck or confused with the number of options available to designers and developers. Be well researched and then look to be decisive in your approach as this is the best way to realise the benefits of this unique construction methodology.

John Lucchetti, Hydraulic and Fire Protection Section Manager, Principal