• Commercial

    Outstanding commercial buildings require an outstanding design and construction team to make your vision a reality. That’s why many of Australia’s developers work with the WGE commercial engineering team on their projects. Read more

  • Education

    There’s a transformation happening in the world of learning and education. It’s no longer just about cultivating enquiring minds. It’s about providing a learning environment where the world’s social and environmental problems can be solved. That’s where our education specialists at WGE come in. Read more

  • Health & Aged Care

    Caring for the sick and the elderly is something that all Australian’s aspire to do well and with compassion. State of the art facilities backed by state of the art design enables health professionals to do their job well and give optimal care. That’s why WGE are the first choice for health and aged care projects. Read more

  • Hospitality

    Behind the finer things in life, there’s a fine engineering company like WGE. Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful facilities of a five star hotel or an exquisite meal at your favourite restaurant, chances are one of our engineers is behind it all. Read more

  • Industrial

    Behind every industrial complex is a highly industrious engineering team. From Perth to Sydney and everywhere in between, WGE has been the powerhouse behind many of the countries industrial sites. Read more

  • Infrastructure

    Behind every exceptional city and town there’s an exceptional engineering team that built the infrastructure to service it. While the fruits of our efforts are often buried, our impacts are tangible. Read more

  • Land Development

    Land development is what we do very well at WGE. In fact, we’ve been partnering with Australia’s largest private and public land developers on hundreds of projects since we first opened our doors in 1961. Read more

  • Residential

    Places to go, things to do, people to see. The modern lifestyle is a busy one indeed. That’s why, at the end of the day, people and families seek a sanctuary in their home. And that’s why residential developers choose WGE Residential as their engineering team. Read more

  • Retail

    Building a successful retail shopping centre that will attract the best tenants and high traffic is a highly complex job. That’s why many of Australia’s leading developers, such as AMP, Colonial First State and Stockland, choose the WGE Retail engineering team. Read more

  • Sports, Culture & the Arts

    We’re a nation that loves our downtime. If we’re not at home entertaining family and friends, we’re out entertaining ourselves watching our favourite football team or visiting the latest art exhibition. Entertainment is what Australians do well and it’s what WGE love to do. Read more

  • Technology

    Modern business relies on the ability to reliably retrieve, store, aggregate and disseminate data to service customers and make solid strategic, forward-thinking decisions. It’s the engineering behind this technology that keeps the wheels of industry turning. That’s why WGE have put together a team of experts specialising in technology. Read more