• Acoustics

    Noise in a building can seriously affect the interactions within and around that space. At work, noise can affect our productivity. At play, noise can affect our ability to unwind, rest and relax. At WGE Acoustics, noise is what we know best. Read more

  • Audio-visual

    AV systems use various types of video and audio equipment to ultimately deliver a required message or content to a target audience. Read more

  • Civil

    It’s more than just turning dirt. Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines in the world and WGE have been practicing it for well over 50 years. Read more

  • Electrical

    Electricity is something most of us take for granted. We don’t ever really think about it, until of course, we don’t have it. At WGE we think differently. Read more

  • Fire Engineering

    Building fires cause millions of dollars of damage each year. The two major causes are electrical fault and human error. That’s why the Fire Engineering team at WGE take their job very seriously. Read more

  • Fire Protection

    We give you peace of mind. Whether you’re building a football stadium, a tunnel or a commercial building, protecting people in the event of fire, is an absolute priority. Read more

  • Hydraulics

    Buildings are complex structures requiring the skills of many engineering disciplines. Yet there’s one discipline that’s vital to keeping the whole building operational and the people in that building healthy – hydraulics. Read more

  • Mechanical

    It's about comfort not mechanics. We get the solution right from the outset.There really is no project too challenging or too demanding. We thrive on challenges! Read more

  • Property Asset Management

    There are plenty of engineering consultants out there willing to give advice. But how do you know if it’s the right advice or even the best advice? You look for a team with a great track record and who are highly recommended like the WGE Property Asset Management team. Read more

  • Specialist Lighting

    There’s no doubt that lighting affects the ambience of a building and its surrounds. A great ambience makes for a positive experience and happy people. That’s why it’s important to consider the WGE Specialist Lighting team before you start work on your next project. Read more

  • Structural

    It’s about your vision – we think beyond the structure. Every great design requires a great structural engineering team behind it. No matter how large, complex or unusual your project may be, the hallmarks of a great structural consultant are the ability to deliver innovative, commercially viable and highly buildable solutions. Read more

  • Sustainability

    It’s no longer an option to be sustainable, it’s an expectation. That’s why the companies serious about doing the best they can for the environment are turning to the WGE Sustainability team. Read more

  • Telecomms & ICT

    Telecomms & ICT are now a core function in all areas of business, services and in our personal lives. As each year passes, our dependence on ICT grows as ICT capabilities increases exponentially. Read more

  • Underground Power Design

    It’s more than just power. We’re experts at telecommunications and NBN services, urban lighting, solar power lighting, power generation, infrastructure master planning and so much more. Read more

  • Vertical Transportation

    Getting people from A to Z. Whether it’s a lift or an escalator at a school, retail precinct, commercial building or a hospital, there’s nothing our specialist VT team hasn’t tackled. Read more