Graduate Recruitment

WGE is committed to recruiting and training graduates as a means of maintaining the vitality of our service, securing the best talent available and contributing to the development of the profession as a whole.

We believe in having a young, dynamic and knowledgeable team of staff that draws on a depth of experience, from a long heritage, to deliver unrivalled service, as evidenced by our success in the prestigious BRW client choice awards.

Don’t just read it here though.

This is what our graduates have to say:

Getting your vital experience

WGE recognises that following your academic qualification the next most important goal in your academic career is achieving your chartered status.

Fast track your career

If you want to have a challenge and you want responsibility, they will give it to you’, Daniel Wojcik

WGE have a flat organisational structure and we strongly believe in giving young engineers key project responsibilities from the start of their time at the company. Many of our past graduates have moved into senior executive positions in the company – an accomplishment we are very proud of. We don’t weigh the place down with unnecessary bureaucracy; if you know what you’re doing we’ll let you do it.

If you want to advance your careers as fast as possible, definitely come to a company like Wood & Grieve who are willing to give their graduates responsibility from day one’, Matthew Palmieri

Variety of projects

The projects we deliver are vast and various. At WGE you could work on a hospital, a hotel, a stadium, an apartment tower, a university, a mining camp, an airport or the newest land subdivision. Engineers have their specialist sectors and experience and graduates are given the chance to develop their skills in the area they excel.

The chance to go interstate or work in the city

As we have offices throughout Australia there is the opportunity to take on projects in other cities. Our offices are based in the CBD’s and while there may be occasional site visits required we don’t have anyone working fly in fly out, you stay in the city and keep your life!

It’s not all hard work

Our extra curricula activities are famous and are the topic of office conversation for months afterwards. We have a rock band, a social club, regular football, soccer and cricket teams, triathlons and personal training sessions organised and plenty of characters who make the place fun.

It’s a very good culture here of wanting to help people and then also wanting to be something more’, Daniel McErlaine

How do I apply?

Graduate opportunities will be advertised on WGE’s job board. Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume
and current academic transcript. Applications are accepted all-year-round for students interested in registering for our vacation program.


Talent development program

As a Wood & Grieve graduate you will be offered an opportunity to be part of the Talent Development Program. This is an internal program for our graduates that will assist you in gaining all the technical competencies as outlined by Engineers Australia, in order to achieve your CPEng.

This program will also develop the professional qualities that make you a Wood & Grieve Engineer which will set you apart from the rest!

1st year

You will work within your discipline teams with a range of project engineers building your network of technical support.

2nd year

You will be offered the opportunity to select a mentor of your choice and enter into a formal mentor relationship for the following two years.

This relationship will support the implementation of a personal development plan, where you will be given direction, be assessed and continually challenged as you set your goals and strategies and ensure a sharp focus is maintained on developing all your technical and professional competencies.

At the end of this formal relationship the goal is to fast track you to being in a strong position to apply for your CPEng status and to taking on a Senior Engineer role at WGE.

As a Wood & Grieve graduate we will help you develop all the technical and professional qualities that turn you into a Wood & Grieve Engineer!!

Meet Brett, Grant and Darren. They all started at WGE as graduates and are now Directors of the company. Not a bad career path!.

I’ve got someone who is a mentor who steps me through work and says how are we tracking since last time and what sorts of things do we need to work on, what kind of jobs do we need to give you to get you progressing further’, Jason Fairclough

Vacation work

WGE often has opportunities for undergraduate students from the end of their third year to gain work experience during the winter and summer semester breaks. This is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in your chosen profession and gain insight into what your career will really be like. Many students enjoy their experience with us and often choose to work at WGE after graduating.

When opportunities for vacation work are available, they are posted on the WGE job board, which is located here.